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  1. Respect All Homes - Remember that you have been welcomed into a network of servant homes, so be respectful so that they will be excited about having you return again, and will be willing to have other bands stay after you have passed through. Don’t trash the house. If you make a mess, clean it up! If you break something, offer to fix it or pay for it. If you smoke cigarettes, smoke them outside. Respect the home’s personal family guidelines. If you have a potty mouth, hold your tongue. And let the Host Home sleep.
  2. Substances - Please no consumption of alcohol while staying at the Host Homes out of respect for the Host Home’s potential personal rules. Absolutely no illegal drug use will be tolerated. A Host Home has every right to call the police if they feel threatened in any way or observe any illegal activity.
  3. Length and Details of Stays - Bands are only allowed to stay at any given Host Home for as long as was pre-arranged. Additional nights in the same house are not allowed unless the Host Home invites you to stay longer, out of respect for the Host Home's personal time and space. DO NOT bring friends from the show to a Host Home that are not a part of the touring crew. And Host Homes have the right to deny any band/band-member access into their home for any reason, and all band members should comply respectfully.
  4. Protecting Personal Information - Through our web app (APP.RYFO.ORG) you will have access to the personal information of our Host Home families (i.e. names, email addresses, phone numbers, social media sites). We expect you to guard this sensitive information with the same level of care that you would use in protecting your own information. Sharing this information with any non-members of your band/management team is expressly prohibited without obtaining prior written or verbal approval from the Host Home.

*Any violation of these guidelines will be considered legitimate grounds for immediate APP.RYFO.ORG account termination.

*APP.RYFO.ORG serves only as a connection point, and RYFO is in no way liable for anything. By agreeing to use APP.RYFO.ORG as an Artist, you are solely responsible for any and everything related to your entire experience.

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